CRW Projects provides a professional control system engineering service in the North of England. Our core business is focused on Instrumentation, Programmable Controllers and HMIs (Human Machine Interface) applied to mechanical handling and process control.

CRW supply design, sizing, installation and commissioning engineering services. We provide a consultation service that is related to the selection of instruments, pumps and valves for process control.


Production of feasibility studies, survey reports and procurement specifications for control systems and instrumentation.

Supply of individual measurement instruments or instrumentation packages. For Flow measurement. Level measurement. Pressure measurement. Quality measurement. Temperature measurement. Positional measurement. Data recording.

Design of closed and open loop controls for treatment plant processes and chemical dosing equipment.

Provide control software that is familiar to the client's employees in languages such as Pascal, C, C++, Ladder Logic, Functional Block (IEC61131) to name a few. HMI and SCADA configuration services are offered to complement our control software.


We also supply prototyping services for manufacturers that require proprietary controls and HMIs for their machinery or products. Programmable Controllers are manufactured by us based upon the Microchip and ATMEL (ARM) range of SOC microcontrollers.

Specialist plant control system designs for functions such as Triple Validation, fail-safe shutdown controls, data logging (power, voltage, current, 4..20mA). We also provide a range of instrument units that allow mathematical functions (+, -, x, /, summation) to be performed without the complexity of a PLC/FBC

Should you be interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your project requirements.